Queen Rearing Class

The objective of this class is to train beekeepers with intermediate experience to raise their own honeybee queens, in and from the hives and stock of their own apiaries. In particular, this class focuses on raising queens as part of a process of splitting hives.

This eliminates the need to rely on either the bees to requeen themselves, or another beekeeper to breed queens when you need them. More importantly, it will allow you to better manage your apiary by being selective of which colonies you propagate (e.g. better honey production, better temperament, etc.).

The class includes both lecture and hands-on lab portions, including practical lessons such as making your own grafting tool, identifying suitable larvae, and of course grafting those larvae into artificial queen cells. Since the latter is done using analog facsimiles, no live bees or larvae are involved and no protective gear is required.

Class participants should have a minimum of one year experience successfully keeping bees and a means of taking notes. Needed tools, equipment and handouts will be supplied.

No recording please.

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