The Swarm
(untitled in the cited reference 1)

Up mounts the chief, and to the cheated eye
Ten thousand shuttles dart along the sky ;
As swift through aether rise the rushing swarms,
Gay dancing to the beam their sun-bright forms ;
And each thin form, still ling'ring on the sight,
Trails, as it shoots, a line of silver light.
High pois'd on buoyant wing, the thoughtful queen,
In gaze attentive, views the varied scene,
And soon her far-fetch'd ken discerns below
The light laburnum lift her polish'd brow,
Wave her green leafy ringlets o'er the glade,
And seem to beckon to her friendly shade.
Swift as the falcon's sweep, the monarch bends
Her flight abrupt ; the following host descends.
Round the fine twig, like cluster'd grapes, they close
In thickening wreaths, and court a short repose.


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1 the Rev. L.L. Langstroth, On the Hive and the Honey-bee, Hopkins, Bridgman & Co., Northampton, 1853, p 143.